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With ivy clad walls standing for nearly 400 years and a crackling fireplace welcoming guests since 1933, Stirk House offers contemporary luxury in truly historic surroundings. We are passionate about supporting the local community, protecting our stunning surroundings and exceeding customer expectations with little added touches of luxury. As an iconic part of the local landscape, many people have their own memories of the hotel - please feel free to share your images and memories with us via Facebook, Twitter or email.  


Stirk House was built using stonework from the former Sawley Abbey, dismantled a century earlier during Henry VIII’s dissolution of the monasteries.

The house, known as Grange Moor Manor at the time, is bought by London financier Alec Ormerod, as a country base for social gatherings and wild parties in the country.


After being empty for 25 years, the property was sold to Harry Speak for £500, who began work converting it into a hotel boasting 11 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms.

A devastating fire destroyed most of the main wing but local villagers pull together to tackle the blaze and save the building.


With a £100,000 refurbishment, Stirk House gained a reputation as an exclusive spot, with waiters sporting tails and white gloves and the hotel becoming a popular venue for wedding receptions.

Stirk House became registered to perform wedding ceremonies and the first couple, locals Carole Lord and Tony Flanagan, are married at the venue.


The History of Stirk House


The History Of Stirk House Hotel

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