The Beast from the East Wedding! March 2018

April 5, 2018

At Stirk House, we’re very proud to have such a dedicated and caring team who continually go above and beyond to make sure that all those who stay with us here in Gisburn have the very best experience possible.

This year, the Beast from the East hit the UK causing treacherous conditions and meant that for one couple, the most special day fo their lives was in danger of not happening. Road closures, huge snow drifts and even overturned wagons blocking the main road to the hotel were not enough to stop the staff at Stirk House who were determined that the couple would not be let down.

Read the amazing story here of how the team at Stirk House pulled together and miraculously made sure that the wedding that day against all odds, did in fact go ahead.

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A wedding at Stirk House in Clitheroe almost didn’t go ahead – and it was all because of the Beast from the East. Yep – this was definitely a wedding that everyone had cold feet at!

The wedding during one of the worst weeks for weather needed a military operation to pull it off.

And that’s exactly what the staff at Stirk House delivered.

We met with Kevin, who’s the owner;

“I have my CCTV that I can watch at home and I saw a girl walking through the door with her backpack on hood up and a bobbly hat on.

“She came storming through the snow and that was Danni B (Weddings & Events Manager Danielle Barwick) ready to make the wedding happen and it did.

“Our maintenance team drove out in 4x4s to get the registrars to make sure they could get here.

“We picked up the groom so he could get here, we picked up various wedding guests.

“A local farmer bailed us out by saying what can we do to help, I’ve got a tractor let’s shovel the snow.”

The weather was that bad, people thought the wedding would have to be postponed or cancelled.

But despite the ice and weather chaos, the incredible team pulled together and it all went without a hitch!

Danielle’s the Wedding and Events Manager.

She had a tough job – but knew they could do it;

“It was all a question of, what if the registrars can’t get here, what if the chef can’t get here to cook the food?

“I said it might be beans on toast but it all came together and they made it in.

“We kept as much as we could from the bride because we didn’t want her panicking on the biggest day of her life, so I dealt with the bridesmaids in the morning.

We just did all we could to keep her happy and relaxed so she could enjoy her day.”