360 Virtual Tour of Stirk House

Join us on a virtual tour of Stirk House and let us introduce you to our beautifully appointed bedrooms, wedding & event spaces, Seasons Restaurant and more. Explore the hotel as though you were here from the comfort of your own home. Appointments can also be arranged should you wish to view the hotel in person, call: 01200 445581, or email: [email protected] to find out more.

Our brand-new 3D tour allows you to have an immersive look around and get a feel for the indoor and outdoor spaces we have available here at Stirk House. With the easy-to-use dollhouse model of the hotel, you can explore different floors of the building simply by clicking through the areas you would like to see.

Fly-Through Video

Stirk House Flythrough

Stirk House is an award-winning hotel and wedding venue situated in Lancashire's picturesque Ribble Valley. With ivy clad walls standing for nearly 400 years and a crackling fireplace welcoming guests since 1933, Stirk House offers contemporary luxury in truly historic surroundings.

Venue Show-Arounds

Our friendly, experienced Weddings & Events Team will be happy to show you around the hotel and answer any questions you may have. To book your appointment to come and view Stirk House, the team can be contacted via the following form:

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Thank you to the fantastic team at Apollo 3D.